Perhaps the most expensive picture in history... after 200 years?

Last night, the producer of the international festival Beauty of Universe Leonid Khromov wrote a unique and unusual picture called «Start Up». Characteristics of the painting: size 18x24 cm. Canvas, cardboard, acrylic.

The blue background of the picture characterizes outer space (the Universe), in which we are all with you, in particular, young entrepreneurs (startups), who in the current economic situation have a hard time starting their projects from scratch and often lacking capital. The white spots on the picture are traces from the right hand of the artist (the author of the picture) Leonid Khromov.

Imagine a 100m run competition. At the start, runners are in a half-prone state, and their hands rest on the ground with their fingers.

The idea of the picture lies in the fact that we all are constantly at the start in this immense Universe: someone launches a new investment project, someone went bankrupt, but overcoming their fears is once again ready to start and storm the new heights.

The idea of the picture is suitable for almost any event, incl. family. Someone divorced, but after many years of fears, he begins a new life as an athlete on the stratum, preparing to start family heights again, and someone after the loss of a loved one finds the strength to live on and how the athlete is at the start. and launches your new life start up.

«I hope that the picture will serve as inspiration for many who are disillusioned in business or family relationships and will not allow them to give up to prepare their right hand for a powerful start in a new life» – says artist paintings Leonid Khromov.

«If we talk about the estimated value of my paintings in the global art market, I will say this. The painting was not written for sale, but for myself. There was a message from above that came to me in a dream that I should have painted this picture, so the picture has a special meaning for me. It is not easy to take, sit down and draw a picture for sale. It is necessary to catch the promise from above and being in this place and at this time, under a short period of inspiration, have time to transfer your emotions from the non-material world to the material world. Such pictures as exclusive piece goods, which can not be cheap. For me personally, it is very expensive. I would be pleased if in 200 years my painting will become one of the most expensive paintings in the world! I estimate my picture at $1 billion!» – shared the thoughts of the author of the picture «Start Up» Leonid Khromov.

By the way, there is a trick in the picture - protection against falsification. The artist's hair is added to the first layer of paint so that after 200 years it was possible to determine the author of the picture by DNA.

Painting Start Up