The new project Super Beauty of Universe 2020 starts

The other day the launch of a new experimental project Super Beauty of Universe 2020 is planned.

The winners of the previous Beauty of the Universe festivals in 2017-2020 will participate in this project: Anna Muminova from Tajikistan (Beauty of Universe 2017), Irina Sorokina from Russia (Beauty of Universe 2018), Didar Atmadzha from Kazakhstan (Beauty of Universe 2019) and Olga Samuilova from Russia (Beauty of Universe 2020).

The format of the project will be determined later, but it is already known that the winner will be chosen by the participants themselves.

The winner of the project will receive the title Super Beauty of Universe 2020, as well as the status of Deputy Chairman of the jury of the fifth anniversary of the international festival of beauty and creativity Beauty of Universe 2021, the finale of which will be held in the autumn of 2020 in Moscow.

Super Beauty of Universe 2020