The international creative award for assistance in the development of civilization Beauty of Universe 2020 invites girls to participate in a unique project

The international project Beauty of Universe is changing its format and will no longer be positioned as a beauty contest. Now the project becomes an international creative award for assistance in the development of civilization. This is a new unique format that has no analogues in the world.

The global mission of the project is to change the world for the better, improving the human life on our planet.

To participate in the international socially significant Award, participants (unmarried girls with a socially active life position without children aged 18-30 years living in different countries of the world) should prepare a short documentary film for 3-5 minutes, which touches on any problem of humanity. Participants also have to talk about ways to solve a problem. For example: the problem of smoking, alcoholism, environmental pollution, malnutrition, aggression in society, distortion of family values, etc.

Casting will last until the end of February. The questionnaire can be filled out on the website in the Registration section. The Award finale is planned to be held in April in one of the concert halls in Moscow. Detailed information on the date and place of the event will appear later.

In the final of the event, 15-20 participants from around the world will meet, and several girls from one country can take part in it.

International Creative Award for assistance in the development of civilization. Beauty Universe 2020. Casting.