International Festival of Beauty and Creativity «Beauty of Universe 2019» starts receiving questionnaires from future actresses

The international festival of beauty and creativity «Beauty of Universe 2019» launches castings in several countries of the world for a new season of the project. From today the project changes its format and will not be positioned as a beauty contest. The rules of participation in the festival also change.

Now in the project can take part creative unmarried girls who do not have children. The age of the participants should be from 18 to 30 years, a height of 165 cm, having citizenship in any country in the world. Also, the organizing committee is ready to consider questionnaires from participants who are divorced, but do not have children.

The final of the international festival of beauty and creativity «Beauty of Universe 2019» will be held in March / April 2019 in Russia in one of the concert halls of Moscow. In the finals of the competition, 10 participants from several countries of the world will meet. One of the innovations of the festival is the absence in the final of the exit in swimsuits.

«The fact is that the beauty of the person, in this case the contestant is hiding inside it. External qualities are undoubtedly important, but important, and maybe the main beauty is hidden inside the person (in his inner world). In addition, I believe that it is unethical to publicize half-naked female figures» — said the chairman of the jury and the general producer of the international festival of beauty and creativity «Beauty of Universe» Leonid Khromov.

Exit in the bathing suits will be replaced by a creative contest, where each participant will have to reveal her creative potential by preparing a preliminary five-minute mini-film on the given topic, because the holder of the title «Beauty of Universe 2019» will receive, in addition to gifts from sponsors and international recognition, the main roles of a short or full-length film, as well as take part in filming a music video.

Participants can fill in the questionnaire on the contest website by going to the Participants section. The Organizing Committee will consider their questionnaires within a month from the day of the start of the casting.