International beauty contest «Beauty of Universe» has acquired a new corporate identity

Today, the international beauty contest «Beauty of Universe» has acquired a new corporate identity, which the best designers of the world worked on developing. Joke ...;)) Seriously, the corporate style was developed by the general producer of the competition Leonid Khromov.

Philosophy of corporate identity. On the left side of the sign is the double star «VV Cephei», which is one of the largest stars in the universe (its radius is 1050-1900 radiuses of the Sun). On the right, in the distance above the letter «Y», one of the most attractive stars visible to the naked eye of «Y Hounds of Dogs» (its radius is about 215 radiuses of the Sun) is depicted. The sun, and even more so the Earth on the logo is not depicted, as are too small cosmic objects in the universe in comparison with other large stars. Thus, the logo shows how much our Earth is small in an infinite space. Therefore, it should be treated with love, to protect it — this is our home.

To the right of the title of the contest is his slogan: «Beauty inside!». The beauty of a person, in this case, any participant of the contest, is hidden inside her. External qualities are undoubtedly important, but important, and maybe the main beauty is hidden inside the person (in his inner world).

To all mass media, we recommend that you use only these logos in your publications.

The basic design of the logo in color:

Monochrome Logo Design:

Single-color logo design: