For the beauty contest BEAUTY OF UNIVERSE presented the most expensive crown in the world

The design bureau of the international beauty contest Beauty of Universe developed the most expensive crown in the world among the currently existing crowns of beauty contests. The estimated cost of the crown is more than $25 million USD. The design of the crown resembles mountain peaks. The crown has 7 peaks, equal to the number of the highest peaks of the continents of the Earth.

The crown is planned to be made of pure 950 platinum. The crown will be decorated with 170 diamonds, as well as 39 red diamonds of various sizes. Red diamond today is a very expensive exclusive stone in the world, because in nature, it is extremely rare.

For the manufacture of the crown project organizers are planning to attract sponsors or investors. After addressing the issue of financing the project, a jewelry company will be selected, which will be able to fulfill this exclusive order.