In the All-Russian semifinal of the international beauty contest «Beauty of Universe 2018» there will be 5 participants


Today ended the last quarter-final all-Russian Internet poll of the international beauty contest «Beauty of Universe 2018».

The following participants entered the semi-final: Diana Brichevskaya (Vladivostok), Anna Kozaeva (Yelets), Anastasia Malysheva (Kursk), Maria Serbina (Lipetsk), Irina Sorokina (Lipetsk).

Questionnaires of the participants of the previous stage can be viewed HERE.

In June / July 2018, the first participants of the final of the international beauty contest «Beauty of Universe 2018» from Russia will be determined live on one of the Russian radio stations. Participants who took the first five places on the results of the all-Russian Internet voting will meet on the air on the radio, where they will answer tricky questions of the jury members. The participants, who took the first three places in live radio according to the jury's opinion, will represent Russia in Moscow at the international final. The other two participants are in the international semifinal of the contest «Beauty of Universe 2018», where they will be able to try their luck and get through the final.

A minimum of three and a maximum of five Russian participants will be able to represent Russia at the international contest «Beauty of Universe 2018» in Moscow. In the international finals, 12 participants from different countries of the world will meet on the stage of the concert hall.