1. General Provisions

1.1. The international creative award for assistance in the development of civilization «Beauty of Universe» (hereinafter referred to as the «Festival») is designed to select the best creative and socially active girls from different parts of the world and among them to determine the holder of the title Beauty of Universe.

1.2. The organizer of the Festival is the production company Leonid Khromov Production (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer).

1.3. The selection of the participants of the Festival is handled by a professional jury (hereinafter in the text «Jury»).

1.4. Relatives of the members of the Jury are not allowed to participate in the Festival.

1.5. The Organizer of the Festival does not bear expenses related to the travel and accommodation of the winners of the Festival to the place (city, region, district) of photo sessions, filming and other creative projects that can be awarded as prizes to the winners of the Festival from its sponsors and partners.

1.6. The Organizer of the Festival has the right to make changes to these Rules. The updated information is posted on the website http://www.beautyofuniverse.com in the News section, which is an appropriate and sufficient way to notify the participants of the amendment of the Rules.

1.7. The fact of filling in the questionnaire in the Festival constitutes acceptance of the Festival participant for processing the organizer of the provided personal data of the participants (including, but not limited to: name, surname, patronymic, information on the series and passport number, authority that issued the passport, date of issue, date and place of birth, address of permanent residence, phone number, postal address) in all the ways specified in Article 3 para 3 of the Federal law (in Russian Federation) of July 27, 2006 № 152-FZ on Personal data, solely for the purposes of the Festival. Consent to the processing of personal data given by the participant for the duration of the Festival, and 3 years after its completion. Member has the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data by sending a written declaration to the postal address of the Organizer, in this case, the participant loses the right to receive prizes and deprived of winning the title.

1.8. The Organizer pays for the finalists of the Festival hotel accommodation at the time of the event. All other expenses are borne by the participant.

2. Requirements for participants

2.1. The Festival may be attended by creative socially active girls who, at the time of filling out the questionnaire, are 18-33 years old, have official citizenship in any country of the world, have no children and are not married.

2.2. The growth of the Festival participants is not strictly regulated and is determined at the discretion of the Organizer.

2.3. Persons who have a criminal record can not take part in the Festival.

3. Stages of the Festival

3.1. The first stage is the qualifying round. The dates of the first stage are indicated on the Festival website in the News section.

3.2. Festival participants fill out a questionnaire and on the basis of these data the Organizer decides on the admission of potential participants to the second round — the semifinal of the Festival.

3.3. To take part in the final of the Festival, the participant must pay the registration fee (see paragraph 4).

3.4. The maximum number of participants in the semifinal of the Festival is 100 people.

3.5. From the moment of payment of the registration fee within three days, the participant’s profile is posted on the Festival website in the Participants section.

3.6. To participate in the semifinal of the Festival, participants must prepare a short video presentation about themselves. Video duration 50-60 sec., Full HD quality. A video presentation is posted on the Festival website in its profile.

3.7. Participants of the Festival semifinal who do not have time to record a video presentation on time for the semifinal are not allowed.

3.8. Participants pass from the semifinal to the final of the Festival by SMS or Internet voting. Duration of voting no more than 24 hours.

3.9. The festival finals are 10 participants.

3.10. In the final of the Festival several participants from one country or city are allowed.

3.11. Participants should prepare a creative video for 2-3 minutes by the end of the Festival, where one of the problems of humanity and ways to solve it will be shown. For example: smoking, alcoholism, environmental pollution, malnutrition, deforestation, aggression in society, etc. Video must be prepared in Full HD.

3.12. The final of the Festival takes place in a live television or radio broadcast. The exact date, place and time of the Festival is indicated on its website in the News section. As a result of the event, the winner of the Festival is determined, and incentive nominations are awarded..

4. Cost of participation

4.1. The cost of participation in the semi-finals of the Festival is $55 USD.

4.2. The cost of participation includes: placing the questionnaire on the Festival website; participation in online voting; electronic diploma of participation in the Festival.

4.3. If the participant of the Festival paid the registration fee and later changed her mind to take part in the Festival, then in this case the registration fee is not returned.

4.4. The organizer has the right to establish separate regional casting selections in various cities or countries of the world in online or offline format and to award additional regional or national titles. The cost of participation in these regional or national festivals is determined individually depending on the economic situation of a particular region. Information about this is published on the Festival website in the News section.

5. Awards Ceremony

5.1. For the first place is awarded the title Beauty of Universe, for the second and third place the titles Second Beauty of Universe and Third Beauty of Universe are awarded, respectively.

5.2. The winner of the Festival, as well as the participants who took the second and third places receive gifts from the Organizer or the partners of the Festival.

5.3. The winner of the Festival gets the opportunity to participate in the jury of the Festival for the next year.

5.4. Other participants of the Festival may receive additional nominations from partners and sponsors if they are established by the Organizer.

5.5. All participants of the Festival receive final diplomas.