Festival Rules


1.1. International Festival of Beauty and Creativity «Beauty of Universe» (referred to as «Festival») is to choose the most beautiful, educated and intelligent women of the Planet according to the members of the jury.

1.2. Competition is organized by the production company «Leonid Khromov Production» (hereinafter referred to as «Organizer» text).

1.3. Selection of participants involved in the leadership of the Festival (hereinafter referred to as «Organizing Committee»).

1.4. To participate in the competition are not allowed family members of the Organizing Committee, as well as employees of companies Festival partners.

1.5. Contest organizer has the right to amend these rules. Updated information is posted on the Festival website http://www.beautyofuniverse.com.

1.6. The fact of filling in the questionnaire in the Festival constitutes acceptance of the Contest participant for processing the organizer of the provided personal data of the participants (including, but not limited to: name, surname, patronymic, information on the series and passport number, authority that issued the passport, date of issue, date and place of birth, address of permanent residence, phone number, postal address) in all the ways specified in Article 3 para 3 of the Federal law (in Russian Federation) of July 27, 2006 № 152-FZ «on Personal data», solely for the purposes of the Festival. Consent to the processing of personal data given by the participant for the duration of the Festival, and 3 years after its completion. Member has the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data by sending a written declaration to the postal address of the Organizer, in this case, the participant loses the right to receive prizes and deprived of winning the title.

1.7. The organizer pays the finalists of the Festival as accommodation in the hotel for the duration of the Festival. All other costs are borne by the participant.


2.1. The competition is open to unmarried girls, who at the time of filling in the questionnaire are aged 18-30 years, have official citizenship in countries that are in the World.

2.2. Women with children are not allowed to participate in the Competition.

2.3. Member Photos must be of good quality (photographs have a resolution of at least 1000 x 1000 pixels).

2.4. To participate in the Festival are not allowed girls having visible tattoos on the body, traces of plastic correction, criminal records, as well as having bad habits: smoking, alcohol consumption and the use of foul language.


3.1. The first criterion for selection is the external parameters of the participants.

3.2. Other criteria for evaluating the participants of the Festival: participation in creative projects, correct views on life, the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, the absence of bad habits.

3.3. The Organizing Committee has the right to prevent the participation of any participant without explaining the reason.


4.1. The first stage is the qualifying round. The dates of the first stage are indicated on the Festival website in the «News» section.

4.2. Participants of the Festival fill out a questionnaire and on the basis of these data the Organizing Committee makes a decision on admitting participants to the second round — 1/2 final.

4.3. For admission to the 1/2 final of the Festival the participant must activate her profile. The cost of activating the questionnaire is $20. In case of non-activation of the questionnaire, the participant is suspended from further participation in the Festival. If the participant has activated the questionnaire, but then changed her mind to participate in the Festival, then in this case the money for the activation of the questionnaire will not be returned.

4.4. To take part in the 1/2 final of the Festival, participants need to prepare a video about themselves, where to talk about the purpose of participation in the Festival and their creative achievements. Video duration not more than three minutes. Full HD video quality (1080p).

4.5. Participants who do not have time to record a video in 1/2 finals are not allowed.

4.6. Participants enter the final of the Festival by SMS-internet voting for their creative videos. According to the results of this stage, the participants of the third round are determined — the final of the Festival.

4.7. Several participants from one country of the world can enter the final of the Festival. The number of participants in the final is determined by the Organizing Committee, and a corresponding press release is published in the «News» section of the Festival website.

4.8. The Festival Final is held in the concert hall, where jury members determine the winners of the Festival.

4.9. Participants who have reached the final of the Festival are not eligible to participate in other festivals or beauty contests until the final of the Festival, otherwise the Organizing Committee may suspend the offending participant from further participation in the final of the Festival.


5.1. The winner of the Festival receives the crown of the winner, as well as gifts from sponsors and partners.

5.2. For the 2nd and 3rd place participants receive gifts from the partners of the Festival.

5.3. Other participants of the competition can get additional nominations from partners and sponsors, if they are to be established by the Organizer.


6.1. The participant who won the first place in the Festival has no right to participate in other festivals and beauty contests within a year from the moment of receiving the title, otherwise the Organizing Committee deprives the participant of the title and transfers it to the next finalist of the Festival.